I know my valentine
has a heavy heart.
Red and beating
and filled with electricity and love.

I know my love
by her small hands
and the curve of her breast
at it raises and falls.

And I know I love her
as simply and truly
as I can.


A little St. Valentine’s spirit for you.



  1. Heather · February 15, 2008

    Lovely! Heather

  2. zaphodfreek · February 15, 2008

    Thanks Heather.

    Ben was lonely on Valentines night.

  3. Heather · February 15, 2008

    Must be in the water, Ben. So was I.


  4. zaphodfreek · February 16, 2008

    Well there’s a lot of water between me and you,
    but I know what you mean.

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