Poets Esteeméd.

Sylvia Plath.
Patrick Kavanagh.
Sarah Meise.
Sufjan Stevens.
Elizabeth Bishop.
Leonard Cohen.
Elizabeth Bishop.
Pablo Neruda.
Robert Frost.
Billy Collins.
Ian Hamilton.
Charles Simic.
Charles Bukowski.
John Berryman


  1. slynne · January 5, 2007

    adrienne rich?
    Yusef komenyakka?
    john berryman?
    pablo neruda?

  2. zaphodfreek · January 5, 2007

    Well I’ve been meaning to add Pablo Neruda for some time but I’ve yet to actually read poetry by the others.

    I know, I know!
    Don’t make that face.
    I will now go out and do so.
    And if, or when, I find that I love them,
    I will add them.


  3. Brian W. Osborn · March 17, 2007

    Good picks. 😉 And thanks for the comment on my page. Nobody seems to come around for me on pointlessbanter. 😦

  4. zaphodfreek · March 17, 2007

    Because you’re excellent!

  5. spasmicallyperfect · April 4, 2007

    Good to see that Pablo Neruda made it 🙂
    I have a very soft spot for Leonard Cohen. Guess its the entire presentation……
    Have to research a lot of the other ones.

  6. zaphodfreek · April 5, 2007

    I love his voice.

  7. krkbaker · May 29, 2007

    I, too, love the Leonard Cohen. I first read his stuff years ago when Sarah M. said he was an inspiration behind her music. I think I printed out tons of his lyrics. Probably still have them somewhere.

  8. ephemery · July 16, 2007

    Oh yes, Pablo Neruda (:

    Have you read anything by Michael Ondaatje? One of my favourite writer/poets – his prose reads like poetry and his poetry like an entwining of both.
    Some of the German-language poets are good too.

  9. zaphodfreek · July 16, 2007

    No I haven’t.
    But I shall, thank you.

  10. murderofravens · February 21, 2008

    Good list! Pehaps I’ll see my own name on it one day. 😉


  11. Voodoo · March 9, 2008

    I’d rather see Komunyakka on the list than Bukowski, but he seems to feed the polar mechanism of academia.

    Bjork? I thought she has ghostwriters. Regardless, still spent many nights listening to her.

    I’ve read nice Frost but the schools really make it a pain because they force nothing but his worst.

    Some others you may like (though of course, EE should be present:

    William Stafford
    Kim Addonizio
    W. Williams
    Hart Crane
    (maybe Eliot? At least for Prufrock)
    RW Emerson

    And if you’re feeling it, even Sexton.

    Other types, though? Kerouac, the old haiku masters (Shiki and Issa really do kick ass)

    Now I just have to wait until I’m on that list and in such welcome company.

  12. susan · April 14, 2010

    I love Carver. Have you ever read him?

    And how do I get some poems I wrote to you, you’ve read some of my old pieces but I don’t know if you read some of the other ones….

    Reading good poetry might inspire me to write poetry again. 😉

  13. zaphodfreek · April 14, 2010

    I haven’t but I will.

    You can email me anytime at zaphodfreek@gmail.com
    I look forward to reading them.
    It always helps me.

  14. Madvanthi · January 19, 2015

    Er, you posted Elizabeth Bishop twice.

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