i want this

to sit in a tree for hours on end
and feel like I’m
making a difference.



16 thoughts on “i want this

  1. I read this when I first checked your blog and didn’t comment – something which strikes me as incredibly odd afterwards. This poem is as powerful as the others you’ve written, but… well, to me, this is extra strong. It pinpoints the feeling that sweeps through ME when I’M sitting somewhere (feeling like I’m going nowhere).It usually happens on trains.

    Thank you for this.

  2. Assuming, of course, that you did write it. I saw the link now and thought, “maybe he links to the original author”. But I don’t think so. This short poem is very… YOU.

  3. I did,
    and thank you very much.

    I didn’t really mean it as a poem.
    To be honest, it was more of a link to the site as I couldn’t figure out how to put a picture up.
    But I like the photos that this guy has taken of the eco-warriors in America and I wanted to do the same. ie “sit in a tree”
    There’s one of a person with tatoos of trees on his legs and I was thinking of getting one of these done.
    But now that you mention it
    I guess it does have a nice little ring to it.

    I’m glad you liked it.

  4. I did that. Until I fell. Now all I have is a sore back and a bruise on my chest. But that’s not really true.
    A short, yet very powerful poem that shot straight into my heart. (I’m in love with trees.) Take care.

  5. Strange that you wouldn’t think of this as a poem when you posted it. Personally, I thought it was the most striking of the handful of poems I read here (not that the others weren’t good, as well). This one, though, felt very resolute and has a certain longing, striving feeling behind it that is articulated well. Nice.

  6. Might I suggest that you drop ‘on end’, and just end the line at hours? This piece already benefits from its brevity; to trim further might make it even more effective. Just a thought.

  7. I like it.
    Very much.
    If I had to improve it,
    which I don’t,
    I’d take the ‘on end’ out.
    It’s a matter of emphasis,
    and so like always,
    there’s no right or wrong,
    just our own opinions.
    For me all three lines
    should be in balance,
    the on end gives more emphasis on the time.
    Which might be your main message.
    and actually delighted
    that my study of poetry
    seems to bare some fruit.
    Two months ago,
    I wouldn’t have seen a difference.

  8. I used to sit in a tree for hours at my grandmothers house. Suspended there between heaven and earth was a powerful place for a little boy. Connected to the elements. Deep firm roots unseen beneath the earth. The swaying trunk and branches which held me safe and hidden behind the leaves. The invisible power of the heavens which moved us all. I think maybe the man should go back there for a while. Enjoyed my visit.

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