Poem Favoured – 14/02/08

This one by Alison is rather excellent
AND I think
fitting for today.

Too Many, Not Enough and One
– Alison

There are too many old, wooden benches
Empty, unused, just waiting for romance
Someone’s first kiss behind hidden fences
Someone giving lost love a second chance
There are too many I love you’s wasted
On moments and people who don’t understand
What I’d give to be someone you placed as
The one to accept your trembling hand
There are not enough sighs in the morning
Breathless from years of inhaling too much
Hope for the end to my constant yearning
To wake you up everyday with my touch
There is one perfect sonnet or poem
Waiting to be written to bring you home



  1. spasmicallyperfect · February 22, 2008

    I saw this one too and loved it right away. Great choice there Mr. Ben 🙂

  2. zaphodfreek · February 23, 2008


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