These are two prompt poems from Simply Snickers.

Promise me
as we sit here
amid the rendition
and the tears.
Promise me
that some day
under some dark sky
under some dark umbrella
in someone else’s arms,
promise me,
that you will love again.

Her face was white,
eyes opaque and
With her mouth half closed she looked

She might as well have been
lying under a lake.
But this puddle had served its purpose,
gently loosing the life from her.

He tilted his umbrella back one last time
scuttling away amid the pools of lamplight.

Never break a promise.


5 thoughts on “Promises.

  1. the first one is sad, yet leaves room for hope; the 2nd one, while sad, paints a picture of a not-uncommon-reality AND, i must say, it paints a LOVELY picture of this stark reality! i absolutely LOVE the metaphors here. just brilliant all the way around!

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