‘Billy Collins’-o-rama (+ Poem Favoured)

These are some videos of Billy Collins reading some of his poetry.
The majority of them are animated and they’re great.
The last 2 are just him.

I know there are a few of them but please
take a little time to watch them.
They’re so good.

Country House

The Best Cigarette

The Dead



Now and Then

Walking Across the Atlantic



Sweet Talk


Three poems….

And finally, the next Poem Favouréd

by (you guessed it) Billy Collins

In the old days news of it traveled by foot.
An aproned woman would wave her husband
as he receded down the lane, hauling
the stone of the message.

Or someone would bring it out by horse,
a boy galloping, an old man trotting along.
A girl would part a curtain wondering
what anyone would be doing here at this hour,
as he dismounted, hitched the beast to a post,
then lifted the brass knocker, cold as the night.

But today we have the telphone.
You can hear one from where you are gith now,
its hammer almost touching the little bell,
ready to summon you, ready to fall from your hand.


One comment

  1. sarah · May 7, 2008

    benji is amazing.
    ah felt like saying that, good day.

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