Poem Favoured – 24/03/08

“She does just like Sister Ray says”
from Sister Ray – The Velvet Underground

Some stark realism from Mr. Bukowski.

pull a string, a puppet moves…
– Charles Bukowski

each man must realize
that it can all disappear very
the cat, the woman, the job,
the front tire,
the bed, the walls, the
room; all our necessities
including love,
rest on foundations of sand –
and any given cause,
no matter how unrelated:
the death of a boy in Hong Kong
or a blizzard in Omaha …
can serve as your undoing.
all your chinaware crashing to the
kitchen floor, your girl will enter
and you’ll be standing, drunk,
in the center of it and she’ll ask:
my god, what’s the matter?
and you’ll answer: I don’t know,
I don’t know …



  1. paisley · March 25, 2008

    i am not sure what the credits at the top of this mean… but if you wrote this i am in awe.. this is freaking excellent… one of those things i wish i had written myself… damn……

  2. zaphodfreek · March 25, 2008

    Written by Mr Charles Bukowski.
    It’s rather excellent, no?

  3. krkbaker · March 30, 2008

    he is unbelievable. i love this.
    i need to get my books out and read.
    get inspired.
    i’ve been working on my book though and it takes up a lot of my time.
    i am however working on a poem.

    i’ve tried to email you several times.
    i’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps you are an illusion.
    (now there’s a poem)

    email me here if you want Nextgr8twriter@yahoo.com
    hope you’re well

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