Domestic Violence

The patter of raindrops against the
glass. The lights and your eyes
reflected in the pain.

A sad smile floats across your trembling lips.
The sounds of wind chimes in the night
breeze and the stereo
now silent.
A witness.

Colours flash, more vibrant, more
colour than they had been and
have been.

I am contented, happy, fully alive, fully aware
of what i have done/ had to do.
The gentleness of it all.
Your features so soft, i could
mend them if I had the time.

It will not be long now
and I too
shall be at rest.



  1. krkbaker · December 6, 2007

    i sense some bravery here.

  2. zaphodfreek · December 6, 2007

    Or some miss-sightedness…..

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