Those Nights

When your fingers and toes curl 
and you screw your eyes up tight
to get to sleep faster.
Hit by wave and wave of
anxiety and fear
in your chest and
in your back

That utter loneliness when you
throw yourself around your house
and eventually
about 4 in the morning
you fall asleep from pure exhaustion.
Too scared to keep going.

You know,
one of those nights.
I know those nights.



  1. Phoenix · December 1, 2007

    Oh, I know those nights too. I’ve suffered from insomnia several months now, where I basically have to keep myself awake until my body shuts itself down. I’m beginning to break that vicious circle now, though. Which feels great, naturally.

    Great poem. As always.

  2. zaphodfreek · December 1, 2007

    Thanks Phoenix.
    Sorry about the not sleeping thing.
    Glad it’s not so bad now.

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