Chinese Lanterns

As they twist away
Into the inky black sky
They remind me more of
Glowing deep sea fish
Vanishing into the ocean at night,
Their bellies full of light and dark,
Colours and blackness.

I wander in my mind
To eastern waters
Where the ornate lamp light glints on the waves
As the fishermen dip their arms in up to their shoulders
And the cormorants call out to each other in the darkness.

But a drip,
A drop of hot wax on my cheek
Like a burning tear,
Forces me to resurface.

So I reach out my hand to yours
And we fill our lungs up full of the new year,
With all its yearning and triumphs and terrors,
While the neighbours begin
The chorus of that song.
The one where I can never quite remember
The words.