He looked up through the green tinted light towards the sky and began to drift

When darkness encroaches
And chaos and panic beckon
With long white fingers,
That is when I take up my pen

And lay thought upon word,
And word in book,
And book on heart.

These brief flashes
Of a light so pallid and grey
Die in the laugh tracks
Of a normalised life.

They aren’t who I am,
But they can begin to tell
Of who I long to be
Or who I dread to become.


Some Day Soon

I don’t have the words for you yet
But when I do they will be glorious
And subtle and sweet and alluring
And full of depth.
And people will dozely mumble them
On the train in the morning on their way to work.
And the birds will whistle out their melody in that way birds will.
And the gentle grumbling of engines in the distance will murmur it’s agreement.

But I will rest safe in the knowledge
That I could never sum you up.

Fill In The Blanks

So here I

Trying to cross town in
Some godawful rush
But all the while maintaining
That it doesn’t really
matter, that I’m
Enjoying the trip

When all I can really do
Is stare longingly at the
Gliding by. So breathtaking.

All the good ones are taken.


He put her slippers
in a clear plastic bag
and hid them inside
an old shoebox
under his bed.

When she asked
if he had seen them
he told her he had
burned them
in an old oil drum
out by the docks
with the seagulls
screaming overhead.


I had the thought to
slide my face up against
the hot, rough skin of the tree that grows in our front yard,
jagged brown bark,
and maybe tear a hunk of it off.

A lump of steaming flesh with that
glistening yellowey fat
shorn right off.
I would stare stare stare.

Actually I think it would more resemble
some whiting flesh.
All feathery and soft and cold and silvery
and quivering.
I’m not pink inside.
I’m not a seeping red.

I can imagine
how I’d feel with
such a large chunk of me

It was a lonely night.

the other night
I cried myself to sleep.

I felt pretty miserable 
real lonely.

not your normal lonely.
the sort when it hurts
because you’re not around.

unexplainable pain and need and want.
ouch ouch ouch.

it’s the sort of pain where
you can’t do anything without them
and you have no idea if they’re thinking of you
you don’t think they are.

that’s why i make sure to say to you
someone is thinking of you’

I say that to reassure
so that you know
I’m thinking of you
and that’ll maybe make the night seem ever so slightly less dark,
this cage ever so slightly larger
and my love ever so slightly stronger.

And I am thinking of you
in one way or another
because I feel that if someone’s thinking of you
if even in the tiniest, littlest part
if even if it’s just next to nothing
it makes you feel better

like I matter a little to someone.
like I matter a little to you.

My apologies

for all the ‘her and me’ poems
but the subject is sort of consuming all my thoughts at the moment.

Maybe soon I’ll
sober up
calm down
and maybe grow up a little too.

And then I can get back to fighting all the injustice in the world
like the true superman I am.


(Note: The part about me being a ‘super’man is sarcastic. I’m not THAT egotistical.)