The Spector had a heart shaped hole in her just waiting to be pasted over.

You can tell it’s a good song
When you slow down
So you don’t make it home
Before it’s over.

Select weaknesses in me
Set fire to my brain
And spiderweb around my heart.

I hold the glass up to my eye
But I can’t tell whether it’s
Too full or too empty.
For certain, it’s draining fast.

The piano may not be firewood
But it sets a merry blaze.
And the cloth rests over my face,
Over my eyelids,
Like a hood.

If everyone knows it’s going to hurt,
Then why wasn’t I expecting it?
One day I turned around
And realised I was fucked

And there’s nothing I can do about it
Except take the clock off the wall
And set about winding it back again.
Right back to the beginning.

Clutching at Straws

On a bench
Lansdowne Road Station,
waiting for the train with my
shoes on and my
view of it all.
I was sitting beside a girl,
as the story generally goes.
She looked a lot like

I hope it wasn’t.
We missed an excellent opportunity
to hold hands
in the cool evening air,
to make faces at
the people speeding by,
to pretend to fall in love.