I feel as if the world
is in freefall.
Images of hair like waves
Falling from cliff edges.
The oceans draining from the earth
Like the planet breathing some
Last sigh of relief or strain.

Moving at speed in the rain,
We cut our way under bridges
And the sudden silence
Is like holding all life
In the palm of my hand or gently
Between finger and thumb.

Call me Lucifer.
Call me Judas.
Place gold coins on my eyes
And silver pieces in my hands.
Weigh my pockets down with stones.
Clinging to long velvet curtains, we all
Cry for our mothers’ faces,
Dream of being loved.

Someone once said
That death was like a sailboat.
If that’s true then make mine
Blue with strong white canvas sails
And the stench of varnished wood
And may she cut a fine berth
As she heads off away into the horizon.


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