It’s Nearly Time to Say Goodnight

This song is like
going through a tunnel at speed.
My thoughts are vines
growing in fast forward.

Your smile is like a knife edge
and yet somehow, at the same time,
a ripe half strawberry;
a child’s fresh teeth marks
still pressed deep in the flesh.
The moon is like the moon
but that’s hardly surprising
and similarly too, the moonlight
draping itself heavily across
the water’s surface
is just that: moonlight.

But the eyes of the ones I love,
now, they could almost be mistaken for
distant street lamps littering and illuminating
the edges of some endless and empty highway
that stretches out towards the horizon of my mind
and away from me


One comment

  1. opoetoo · July 30, 2010

    I love the last part even if it is so sad.

    I like how the moonlight is -just that ha ha.
    Makes me think of Captain Beefheart: ” the moon showed up and it started to show” from Ice Cream for Crow

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