Having risked the heart and lost

He hashed his bets so
That he surely had nothing
To gain from the game.

Now the metafor
Is gone. The odds set to naught.
He is left alone.


7 thoughts on “Having risked the heart and lost

  1. Ah but remember Tennyson wrote those poems for Hallam who died. Would he have been trashed if Hallam hadn’t died, and it took 3 years of mourning for his heart to mend.

    I like the new look of the blog- and the top picture with the cats. Glad you made it back home from the volcano trouble.
    Keep writing. It’s good for your heart and soul. And you are very talented. My poetry is shit. Your’s isn’t.

    • Hey hey! There”ll be no self bashing on this blog!
      Except for mine of course :]
      but even then, purely in a poetical manner.
      What poetry of yours I’ve read, Susan, is far from shit.
      Send me more of it!

      And thank you. I thought it was time for a spot of digital ‘plastic surgery’.
      The cats are creepy. I like it.

  2. I lost your gmail addy.
    mine is hollythecat@gmail.

    or you have the mac addy =
    I just feel my writing is at a brick wall, trying to publish and it’s hard, no one interested, you know the drill.

    I have some poetry published in books and what not, how do I mail it to you? LOL.
    btw, u on Twitter?

  3. I am on twitter but to be honest I barely use it.
    It’s ‘zaphodfreek’ if you fancy it anyway.
    To be honest, I haven’t even thought about trying to get published outside of on here really. It’s kind of an anonymous thing.

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