1. susan · April 14, 2010

    I loved this poem. I can so relate. Gah, that’s like the story of my life.

    I added you to my blog roll just because I love your poetry and for no other reason.

  2. zaphodfreek · April 16, 2010

    Thanks Susan. I’m honoured.
    I’m currently looking through your stuff, slowly but steadily….and silently.

    And then I shall have to give my blog roll a bit of an overhaul.

  3. susan · April 16, 2010

    I’m doing the same. It seems like a lot of bloggers are leaving the blogosphere lately.

  4. zaphodfreek · April 16, 2010

    I agree. Very disappointing.
    I miss them.

    I guess us few that are left will just have to band together.

  5. susan · April 16, 2010

    Or win the lottery so we can write our own books. 😉 And go on a round the world tour to promote…..

  6. zaphodfreek · April 21, 2010

    Just as long as we don’t fly.

  7. metabradley · May 8, 2010

    great poem. the last line really punches it home with its simplicity and humour.

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