Crying Shame

Your slippery wet fingers,
Dark and shiny,
Slide across the table
Towards me.

I am afraid
But I can’t move
Can’t turn my face
Away from them.

They shimmer
Before my eyes.
And then


They plunge
into my face,
Knuckle deep.
Your nails are neatly trimmed.

I can feel
Warm liquid
on my face.
Like tears but
The tang of iron
My tongue
Running over my teeth.

And I can hear you now,
But just
And quieter,
quieter still.


4 thoughts on “Crying Shame

  1. Wordwand – Thank you.

    martin – I will probably change it somehow. It doesn’t quite sit right by my calculations. And I shall take your opinion into consideration.

    glittering – Thank you too. And GREAT blog name my friend.

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