1. rkbaker · January 19, 2010

    These are really fun. I like this one.

  2. imfailingnow · February 24, 2010

    your a bit of a poetic genius, I love every single one.

  3. zaphodfreek · February 24, 2010

    Hey thanks.
    I’m glad you like it.
    I’m gonna try a few more I think.
    Brahms is making me think.

  4. imfailingnow · March 2, 2010

    How old are you? if you don’t mind me asking..

  5. zaphodfreek · March 3, 2010


    How old are you?
    You seem to be of the young persuasion too….

  6. imfailingnow · March 3, 2010

    Thats crazy, my name is Ben too and I’m from Ireland.

    Yeah, I’m 19.

  7. zaphodfreek · March 4, 2010

    That is a little freaky alright.

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