Questioning questioning.

Should we date, love,
or would we hate love
if that’s what we chose to do.
You see, I wish to keep, love,
this sense of peace and love
that I equate, love,
with you.

Or would this secret love
secrete, love,
a sense of regret, love,
day by day.
I dread love
in so many ways, love,
and yet I yearn for its
delirious haze.

So let us wait, love
and see how deep, love,
I can drift yet, love,
into your dark-eyed gaze.

And we shall see, love,
if I can keep, love,
myself in love, love,
with you.



  1. howard · December 28, 2009

    beautiful – great rhythm!

  2. zaphodfreek · December 30, 2009

    Thanks Howard.

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