Not sure which version of the first song (Wallet) I preferred so I put up both.

I love the small trombone bits in the second.



  1. mybeautifulleah · September 12, 2009

    I confess, I am struggling with her new album; it just hasn’t clicked for me yet. It maybe seems a bit … clean after her previous albums. It’ll grow on me though – I’ll end up listening to it in eight months time and thinking “wow, this is amazing” and wondering why the hell I didn’t like it before.

  2. rkbaker · September 13, 2009

    I like them both. Her voice to me is soothing. Thanks for the add and everything else. Link the new site here if you want. 😉

  3. rkbaker · October 2, 2009

    Where are you? What are you creating?

  4. zaphodfreek · October 2, 2009

    Hey Kim.

    I’m around.
    I’m back in college so kinda busy.
    But I can feel some words bubbling up inside me.

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