Poem Favoured – 21 May 2009

Another gem from ‘herself’ over at Good at Getting Better


From a window above,
on an ordinary day,
where the ordinary people go
to make memories,
a voice floats over the courtyard
into the restaurant where you sit
eating anything and everything organic-

a girl sings love, love with a ukulele,
Cupid’s arrows, our plastic forks,
souvenirs we carry home-

three guys scramble, hacky sac,
two men play chess on the corner,
the girl sings love, love done me wrong-

little doggie naps at feet,
his owner on a bench,
cigarette in lip, straw hat on head-

traffic slows,
the old men chuckle at their game,
or the girl, or at love…

from the street below,
on an ordinary day,
belly full, you cross the courtyard-

the tune of the ukulele girl in your step,
and on your shoulder
a backpack,
filled with your own
stolen handful of plastic forks.

©2009 Krkbaker


One comment

  1. krkbaker · June 9, 2009

    It’s nice you called me a gem…you give me too much credit…but I love it. Thanks ben

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