Merry Christmas, I suppose

All caught up in
the talk of the times
with each step crunching
and ever so.
Today, out the window
the world moved like every other day
but the television shone
white and brilliant.

The streets in town
glow effervescent
with red stickers in every window
and red cheeks on every man,
woman and child.
They clutch their parcels
with eager hands:
gifts begetting gifts,
giving begetting receiving.

Faith isn’t bearded or red:
It is thrifty and rightly so.
It sits in a wooden chair, impoverished,
and waits for the love you should show it
every day.

But screw it,
whatever makes you happy,
I suppose.


One comment

  1. raeofsunshine · December 31, 2008

    If all year long I condemn the consumerism of today’s world, but accept gifts on christmas, am i a super-hypocrite? How about if I told everyone not to buy me anything but they don’t listen?

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