Alcohol and Anticoagulants (or Warfarin and Wet Kisses)

Your open lips I have
encountered of a night
when, dulled and nulled
by phosphorous light,
we may have danced.
I cannot be sure
for eyes were blinded,
memory poor.

I entered this dream
like a room without door,
the ceiling all stars
and a blackened wood floor.
A small gentle mouse
with some grays in his coat
breathed his last gentle breath
and opened his throat.

And I knew then that life
would be always like this:
that the ones you had loved
would be the ones you would miss.
So i steeled myself
to the darkened abyss
and settled my soul
in your warm, twisted kiss.



  1. raeofsunshine · October 20, 2008

    i dig it. i especially dig the last 4 lines.

  2. siubhan · October 20, 2008

    like the thoughts in this, and love the title.

  3. zaphodfreek · October 20, 2008

    Thanks Rae.
    I’ve been struggling for a while.

    Thank you too siubhan.

  4. krkbaker · October 26, 2008

    You blow me away.
    I have never encountered so much talent in someone your age.
    I mean I’m blown away.

    And that doesn’t happen often.

    Ps. You were right. I love Fionn Regan. Take care B.

  5. noranoir · November 11, 2008

    nice prose.

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