Poem Favoured – 8/9/08

New poem favoured
by a poet who’s blog I just found


a Year in the weird

You’re like a kid with a joke that he knows
is funny
You repeat it over and over until I smile
Because you think it sounds so good.
I’m not sure it’s that you don’t tell me things
Or if you never did to begin with.
You seemed so intent on being a mystery
That I held on tight
As I’m holding on
So tight
Because your eyes are so empty
I don’t know if they always were
or if I’m only noticing it
and I’m hurtling into that silence
And your escape is so very very near
And It scares me
that I’m not sure how I feel
If this is the emptiness of devastation
Or if I truly am not able to care anymore
And I can’t figure out which is worse


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