As slow as the hair
rising on the nape of your neck
spins my calendar
around you.
Each of your fears and moods,
like faces of the moon,
mapped out below.

I know you,
like the beating of my heart.
Like the rising of my hand
to pluck again the flower of our love
and ease it through the keyhole
of another day.

So love is
day by day.
second by second.

Each a jewel,
a splendid iridescence,
easing the flow
of our grave-ward journey.
Filling it with colour and music
and depth
and you.



  1. anujjha · August 14, 2008


    well this splendid piece of poetry … shows the imotions of love, which prevail in u .. soom seem pretty romantic… dude ur post reminds me of my love…. best wishes


  2. zaphodfreek · August 14, 2008

    I am glad.
    Please do come to read again.

  3. Phoenix · August 15, 2008

    Beautiful. It made the hairs on my arms shiver.

    Welcome back, Benjamin. You have been missed. 🙂

  4. krkbaker · August 18, 2008

    colour and music and depth and you… i want an autographed first edition of your poetry when you put it out.
    i love this stuff

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