Relax, okay, relax.


Ben is singing, in Portugal of all places.

A littlew place called Estoril. Check it out. Cool baby, cool.


So soon he shall be poetrying it up and making his own words and so on and so forth.


  1. Phoenix · July 29, 2008

    Good luck with that! 😀

  2. vesper de vil · August 3, 2008

    you are singing in portugal? oh i wish i was there!!!

  3. Sarah Meise · August 5, 2008

    : )

  4. zaphodfreek · August 6, 2008

    Yeah, it went rather excellently.
    I got a scholarship for next year.

    So, later there shall be posts.

  5. tomachfive · August 11, 2008

    Have fun, wherever you are. 🙂

  6. zaphodfreek · August 11, 2008

    Yes, sorry. In France at the moment.
    Haven’t been posting because of illness and lack of internet.
    Thought I might have had meningitis for a while there.
    Fun fun fun.

  7. slynne · August 11, 2008

    How wonderful! Congrats and knock em out of their seats!

  8. Phoenix · August 11, 2008

    You will knock ’em dead, Ben. I just know you will. 🙂

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