Find Your Place

Find your father
and lay him down
and breath upon his
face and hands.

Then turn
and with your eyes
scan to the edge
of land and sky,

of field and child
and dry riverbeds
and the screeching of
a thousand heads.

Then lie yourself
upon the ground
and feel the cool
expanse of stone

This is your resting
place, your tomb.
Encased in walls of
earthen tears and bone.

This came from a Simply Snickers prompt



  1. ravenswingpoetry · June 11, 2008

    I wish I could have been there to see my father laid to rest. I never got the chance.

    Thank you for writing this.


  2. Angel · June 14, 2008

    I visited my Father’s grave a few days ago and left some flowers for Father’s Day. This is my first one without him and it’s really hard!

  3. Nickers and Ink · June 14, 2008

    What imagery . . . for recalling and honoring a father. How difficult Father’s Day can be, once one must miss a beloved father. And how we must count the days that remain together, while we still may have them. What a reminder. Thanks for your beautiful words.


    IN MY FATHER’S FIELD, at Nickers and Ink

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