Hymn for the Unwise

Do not blame the boot that lies,
its face is turned against the skies .
And though it has a tongue and eyes
it cannot take a human guise.
Cast aside the hows and whys,
the poor man’s screams and rich man’s sighs
and bid farewell, no last reprise,
for every man who’s born soon dies.

That was another prompt poem from Simply Snickers


7 thoughts on “Hymn for the Unwise

  1. Paisley – Thanks very much. I read yours too. It was very good.

    Linda – I won’t be posting every week but there was something about those words that inspired.

    Ali – Thank you! :] I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m rather rubbish at rhyming poems. But there’s something about the continuous rhyming, with the same rhyme, that I really like. It makes it more intense for me, more flowing, and reminds me of my favourite Robert Frost poem.

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