Last Goodbye

This is a goodbye
of the real world
with all the pain that comes
with real loss.

So while you plan,
and trust in time
to have your back,
there are no reassurances.

While you can laugh
and say adieu with
gentle smiles
and gentle waves,
I cannot.

The knowledge of tomorrow is not ours
nor is the path of fates incessant hand.

And for this reason,
each goodbye I offer
is for you alone
and each kiss
our last.



  1. slynne · April 14, 2008

    Emotional stealth indeed. This one reminds me of a line I keep rolling over in my over filled head: every time you call, I can hear our last / good bye, and forever is pelting me with the stones that will bring / my sleep at last, and I’m leaning towards them, cutting / you off each time I hang up before you can say the final words

  2. krkbaker · April 15, 2008

    Very powerful last stanza. I like the way you lay out the words.

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