Having the blues.

I was really
having the blues

Other days have come and I have had
the sweetest nectarines,
with deep blushing reds
and violent orange yellows.
And the world full of green and clear
and pushing away from me.

But today
I was really
having the blues.
What colour will tomorrow be?


3 thoughts on “Having the blues.

  1. Some days are yellow, Some are blue on different days, I’m different too. You’d be surprised how many ways I change on different colored days. Check out Dr. Seuss’s Many Colored Days. Yes. I know it’s a child’s book. But like all of his rhymes, he sends a deeper message. I am very blue today, yesterday and tomorrow too. I needed this — to remember we are not so alone — and it made me think of the precious story. Let me know –I’ll even send it you Benjamin 🙂 *hugs* Ali

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