Eyes like little holes in the world

Can’t you see all this love?
-Regina Spektor

Life is made up
of moments.
Specks of your life and mine
and his and hers
flying about like
dandelion seeds.

So take this one,
softly in the palm of your hand
and set it aside
saved up.

Take this one moment
and sit with me
aside the lit wick
of a new candle
and we’ll wait till it passes.



  1. Ritwik Banerjee · March 18, 2008

    That’s a beautiful poem. Really beautiful.

  2. Bernadette · March 18, 2008

    Another catch-your-breath poem. Thank you for posting it.

    Oh, and tag! You’re it!

  3. krkbaker · March 19, 2008

    sometimes the seeds grow down.
    this was a cool poem.
    i’ve emailed you and it’s come back to me.

  4. zaphodfreek · March 19, 2008

    Ritwik and Berndette
    -Thank you 🙂

    -Ah……try russellb ‘at’ tcd.ie

  5. tomachfive · March 19, 2008

    Patient and straight to the heart.

  6. krkbaker · March 19, 2008

    Ok, I’ll try this one. I tried the other one but it didn’t work either.

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