Collaborative Poem: 3 Words

Note: Thought I’d try a collaborative poem (because I was bored and I am vain enough to want to see how many other poets or aspiring poets read my blog) so please feel free to add to it in comments and I’ll add them when I see fit.

3 words?
You want
just 3 words.
For how I feel?
Why I want/need/have you?
To describe my grandmother on a cold day?
How a flower opens
or a dog barks?
Interstellar space or
a walk across the park?

You don’t care.
Just 3 words.
3 words to change your world.

How about
“3 gold coins”
and I’ll hold them aloft
and they’ll glint in the sun
in their irregular metal skins.
Feeling the worlds hands
since the beginning.

How about
“A snake’s head”
and I have one
in a jar
about to strike as the knife came down.
And was he not the beginning of our sort love?
After all, didn’t Adam and Eve
leave the garden together?


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