1. tomachfive · October 10, 2007

    What a great snack, bro!

  2. zaphodfreek · October 10, 2007

    Very true


  3. krkbaker · October 15, 2007

    You two are funny! 🙂

    This was sweet…
    if I were capable of tears, I may spill a small one for the simplicity of moments such as these.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask you how did you get your pic on that header you used to have? The one of you?

  4. zaphodfreek · October 15, 2007

    Thanks Kim. I thought so.

    But as per your picture question:
    Well I added a picture of me from my desktop.
    I couldn’t figure out how to do it for ages
    because I think my Mac was doing something weird with it.
    The space where the ‘browse’ button was wasn’t a link
    but I figured out I had to click “Choose an image from your computer”

    So it’s Presentation>Custom Image header and then click on “Choose an image from your computer.

    Of course, you have to actually HAVE a picture of yourself.

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