I celebrate

I know it’s a day late,
but today I celebrate
all the 10s of thousands of people who died on September the 11th 2001
NOT in the World Trade Centre attacks.
The people who died of poverty, racial attacks, gangland killings, murders, genocide, war, family brutality, suicide and much more.

How often do you remember them?

War VictimsGenocide remainsPoverty victimRacial Attack VictimGenocide graves



  1. david · September 12, 2007


  2. tomachfive · September 13, 2007

    More power to the survivors.

  3. krkbaker · September 16, 2007

    I feel we are reminded of them all
    every day. Thanks to the news.
    Sometimes the desperation and despair is overwhelming.
    Especially to those who do feel.
    Like us artist types, destined to take on the weight and passions of the world.
    The words that the others can’t say
    the music that the others can’t sing or play
    but at least we have the words
    at least we have the music
    i’d die without them both.

  4. zaphodfreek · September 16, 2007


  5. krkbaker · September 16, 2007


  6. vesper · September 17, 2007

    amen also.

  7. Phoenix · September 18, 2007

    Hear ye, hear ye.

    Well said.

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