Self Strength.

Stand still
and straight
and perhaps even smile.

Because while disappointment
may be just around the corner,
and something unpleasant
might just spring on you
like a cat with claws and teeth and fear in its eyes
and you’ll find yourself a mouse,
you don’t want to give them the satisfaction.

Don’t rush ahead
or hesitate and hold out.
It’s a thin line,
I know.
But you can do it.
Someone believes in you.



  1. zaphodfreek · September 11, 2007

    I’m catering to a whim here.

  2. theair · September 12, 2007

    It’s simple and reassuring, and perhaps reassuring in its simplicity. I enjoyed.

  3. zaphodfreek · September 12, 2007

    Happy you think so.

  4. tomachfive · September 13, 2007

    Ah, to be believed in, makes one feel more real. Splendid.

  5. zaphodfreek · September 13, 2007


  6. krkbaker · September 16, 2007

    what i like about this is that it is one moment
    just one
    like that’s all you get
    and perhaps it is
    moments like these that is

  7. slynne · September 17, 2007

    I love this one. Definately a new favorite of yours!

  8. Phoenix · September 18, 2007

    Great and powerful words from the heart for those rainy days when you claw at the blinds of your life, trying to let the sun in.

    Great stuff. Reassuring.

  9. zaphodfreek · September 18, 2007

    Thank you.

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