1. slynne · September 4, 2007

    neither do I

  2. zaphodfreek · September 4, 2007

    good for you

  3. sdkramer76 · September 5, 2007

    I purchase it. That counts as not being a thief…yes?


  4. spasmicallyperfect · September 5, 2007

    I’m more the vynil lover, call me old fashioned. Having said that, I appreciate only having my cell phone that provides me with music on the go rather then to drag behind me a cart with a turn table and speakers.
    Having said that, I usually listen to the radio so no, I haven’t downloaded a song in probably about 4 years. And before that, maybe 20 that I couldn’t get here in Canada.
    Having said that, Hubby said it was legal,but even if it wasn’t a crime yet, from a moral aspect, it would have still be considered stealing I guess.
    Having said that, I think I’m done saying what I need to say.
    Hope you are well Ben.

  5. zaphodfreek · September 7, 2007

    shannon – It most CERTAINLY does.
    …..ie, you’re not a thief.

    Spaz – Vinyl! Yeah!
    I buy cds. Load ’em up on my laptop. Good listening.
    I’m good. Starting university next month.
    Excitement. Hopefully, new experiences will lead to new poems.

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