Cold but bright.

This is sweat and toil,
this life.

I’ve heard it said.
And so it shall be till your dead.
No time to dwell and treat
Just lay your seed then on your feet.
Tight and thorough you must be
to prevent catastrophe.
We were born to breed and feed.
So lay your head upon my sleeve
and bite and thrust and be at peace.



  1. tomachfive · August 30, 2007

    Your existentialism is sexy.

  2. zaphodfreek · August 30, 2007

    Haha! 🙂
    Thanks Tom,
    I never really saw it like that.

  3. tomachfive · August 30, 2007

    Well it is, it is deviant and hot in a college library kind of way.

  4. zaphodfreek · August 30, 2007

    I guess I must be doing SOMETHING right then.

  5. raeofsunshine · August 31, 2007

    so pretty much, this sums up life and I agree with Tom- it’s definitely hot in a college library kind of way- hehe

  6. zaphodfreek · September 1, 2007

    I suppose some of it only applies to men
    eg. the ‘lay your seed’ bit.

    But hey! I am a man so that’s okay.

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