Daly Station

Having know you for
or at least what seems like
the endless toll of centuries
I can safely say that
no one
will wear a Who t-shirt like you
or do their make-up
in the mirror of the passenger seat of my car
the same way
while I try and remember
to keep my eyes on the road
and while
I hope
there’ll be others

you were the first.



  1. theair · August 3, 2007

    I really enjoyed this. It’s very Bukowski-esque. It’s harder sometimes, I think, to maintain a certain fluidity when working in free verse, but I think you pull it off beautifully here. From the beginning… “Having known you for / ages” this piece was working both thematically and in its sound. I also enjoyed the (for a lack of better word) realness of it. Sometimes in trying to appeal to a broader audience, we omit specificities, but they are well-executed and appreciated here. I hope all is well.

  2. zaphodfreek · August 3, 2007

    I’m glad you liked it.
    Like you said about needing to just let everything out
    this was something that I keep needing to come back to

    As for how I am,
    these things happen.
    I’d hate to make a big thing out of it.

  3. zaphodfreek · August 3, 2007

    And thank you very much for
    not only your kind words
    but your wise ones too.

  4. theair · August 3, 2007

    Oh, and I like the new layout. 🙂

  5. afternoonbeauty · August 6, 2007

    I have to say, sir, I’m quite glad to see the old layout back. It’s comfortable. This is not my blog, but part of it feels like home.

    You have been inordinately kind to this girl, and I thank you for your lovely words…they are always lovely, I promise you that.

    Good luck to you on your university and opera! Opera? That’s amazing. Very cool. And I wish I could tell you, like girls tell each other, that relationships aren’t worth it, but I can’t believe that these days.

    Hence my commenting on this particular poem. I wish, in my deepest heart, for someone to feel the way you’ve described to be in my life. (Instead, I appear to rather delve into the impossible, at impossible times)

  6. zaphodfreek · August 6, 2007

    Well that’s good to hear.
    You and me started out here around the same time.You were actually the first person to ever comment on one of my posts; to make me feel good about these words.
    And for that, I thank you.

    The opera’s pretty amazing.
    And thanks for the words. No worries. I’ll be fine.
    I’m sure you will. I hope so anyway.

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