Tag Poem: Roses are Red….

This is a Tag Poem from a while ago (St. Valentine’s Day!) from tomachfive over at Philnensia
Sorry it took so long Tom. 

Petals like Ticket Stubs
Roses are red
Violets are blue
When I had a heart
I gave it to you

If you had a heart
I’m sure that we’d see
you’d sell it like shares
not excluding to me.

Then I’d buy a pack
and keep them like feathers
and save them all up
for rainier weathers.

It seems that you think
that hearts are like tickets
to theatre shows
and baseball and cricket

To me, they are more
like cigarette packs
to be open with care
but smoked with less tact



  1. tomachfive · July 5, 2007

    Happy 4th! Like the way you equated love with a nicotine fix, addicting. And one’s affinity to watch shows and games, where the excitement is always in the air. Good job!

  2. zaphodfreek · July 5, 2007

    Thanks Tom
    I’m glad you like.

    I have the feeling that I need to
    get back into the swing of things.

  3. vesper · July 8, 2007

    i’m back with blogger now! http://vespersescape.blogspot.com

    it’s good to be back!

  4. Bernadette · July 10, 2007

    So this isn’t nearly of the same caliber of your poem above (which I have printed off to send to my sister, also a poet), nor am I the author, which would be my brother (not a poet but a Classics scholar, which is close). Regardless, I hope you enjoy it:

    Roses are red,
    Except when they’re dead.
    Then they are brown
    Like the hair on your head.

  5. zaphodfreek · July 10, 2007

    Vesper – Glad too see so. What made you change?
    Bernadette – It’s lovely.

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