For Want of Mints

They come in a small, metal, heart-shaped box.
An old man wearing a hat.
And as you pop the lid
That sweet smell, almost too sweet.

It reminds you of mothers,
and math teachers,
and how you never liked things
as a child.

You’re not sure why you got them,
knowing the sticky taste to come.
Sometimes it’s just good to have
something to suck on.

And then, before you know it,
the last one’s done.
The realisation: these mints
have broken your heart.


3 thoughts on “For Want of Mints

  1. Great. It reminds me of how my gramma used to carry these after dinner mints in her purse. Whenever she’d open it, the sweet smell would waft out. Intoxicating when you’re five.

  2. Thanks kim. Sometimes they’re just so natural.

    WC – Glad it gave you something. My granny buys mints too and gives them to me when I go over. They remind me of cats. 🙂

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