Tokyo city at night
we told the taxi cab to ‘just drive’
I fell asleep against the window
and woke up on your shoulder.

You were holding my hand.
Not just in a casual sort of way
but actually holding it out
admiring the contours of my hand,
it seemed,
the pink of each nail.

And for a little while
I pretended to be asleep
because I almost
didn’t want to know why.



  1. tomachfive · May 7, 2007

    Some experiences are too much for words, and too lovely for thinking.

  2. zaphodfreek · May 7, 2007


    I generally have a lot of extra lines to poems
    but it’s easy to write too much.
    Cheers Tom

  3. krkbaker · May 8, 2007

    This makes me think of those moments when a relationship is new, and you can’t get enough of one another-yet you don’t want the other person to know that you are starting to feel that way. I like that he didn’t wake up all the way. Great job. kim

  4. zaphodfreek · May 12, 2007

    Thanks Kim

  5. spasmicallyperfect · May 14, 2007

    ahh…… the ‘I am pretending to be asleep’ steal of a wonderful moment.
    I love the memories of feeling love that this one manages to create.

  6. zaphodfreek · May 15, 2007

    Thanks Spas.

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