1. raeofsunshine · April 24, 2007

    this makes me think of the idea of “in a crowded room, the only person I see is you.” I dunno if my mind is just stuck on it because I’m overanalyzing and obsessing over a guy these days, but that’s what I read into this poem.
    It’s that feeling of twitterpation, when your mind is on one track, your peripherial vision is blurred. Such is my mind these days… and it’s so unhealthy for me becasue I start overanalyzing it and pulling away (personal problem).
    oh, love…

    i like this one Ben. I like it a lot.

  2. zaphodfreek · April 24, 2007

    Thanks Rae.
    I always think that good poetry means lots of differen things to lots of people, and if it’s really good poetry it means lots to those people. Not that this is.
    I’m glad you liked and took away from it what you saw.
    I wrote this poem just for you.

  3. raeofsunshine · May 1, 2007

    you’re the bestest. ever.

    it’s the best form of love/like/twitterpation when it’s a surprise too.

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