I don’t want to fuck in the sand
and curl my toes in the heat.
I don’t want to taste the grit and moisture
between your teeth
or run my nails across your back,
oily with sweat.

I want to smooth down your hair
and whisper your name,
to be able to
fall in love.


15 thoughts on “Composure.

  1. Sex is overrated. There are divine moments and there are moments of rut. But to hug and fall in love joins more than bodies, it unites souls for eternity. Or is this to say, sex gets in the way of love sometimes?

  2. Heather – Ah well. I try :] Glad you like it.

    Rae – It does seem like a nice thing, ay? Not
    that I don´t enjoy the other part but it´s
    so much more enjoyable when you find
    someone to love. Takes the guilt or
    fakeness out of it I suppose. Glad you
    liked it. There´s a lot of me in the things
    I write.

    Tom – Rut. Thst is exactlçy what I meant. As i
    said just above, it´s so much better when
    you find someone to love. Maybe it´s a bit
    of both of your suggestions.

  3. This has to be one of my favourites. A powerful subject which just doesn’t get enough exposure.
    Gees sometimes I wish we were back in Jane Austin times where you had no choice but to seduce with words and eyes only.
    Well done.

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