As I see Patrick.

a dull grey picture of a yard
with a broken rusting tractor
and a large old pot-plant
more grey than alive.

And then you strolled in and ruined everything.

As birds erupted and patterned the sky
and trees swayed to meet your gaze
and the streetlights flickered
one by one as you passed by.
Windows were thrown open
and people, young and old
cheered and waved flags of red and gold
and every colour of every rainbow that never before existed.

Everything was filled with light, with colour, with life
And I wept. It was all destroyed.
Nothing would ever be any better.



  1. printrenori · March 21, 2007

    Which Patrick is this now? Who appears to have ruined your life? What’s going on?

  2. krkbaker · March 23, 2007

    Hmm I liked this. I felt like I was watching a parade of some sort from an old window, watching someone parading about on your heart.

  3. zaphodfreek · March 26, 2007

    This is a reflection on Patrick Kavanagh.

  4. qazse · March 29, 2007


    I love the imagery and movement. You do Pádraig Caomhánach justice.

  5. krkbaker · March 29, 2007

    I’m not familiar with him. Please share.

  6. zaphodfreek · March 29, 2007

    Cheers very much.
    I like him.
    My friend Paddy was a little freaked out by this poem.

  7. zaphodfreek · March 29, 2007

    Well ‘On Raglan Road’ in my favoured poems is by him.
    And I shall share soon.

  8. krkbaker · March 29, 2007

    Oh I read it, it’s very good. I really liked it. I think I scanned it before but didn’t memorize the name. Thanks Ben.

  9. zaphodfreek · March 30, 2007

    no worries. More soon

  10. jca · March 30, 2007

    I like the way this image was easily formed in my mind. The kicker of grey > color make me chuckle (in a good way). Nice work here.

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