There was no quenching in the rain.

You never said it but you knew
we were wrecking like trains.
Flying along those tracks at
breakneck speeds. Too eager.

And for a little while at least
it looked like we were getting pretty close.
Little did we expect this rending of metal,
this tearing and splintering
of flesh and heart and hard white bone laid bare
like the most delicate tinderbox.

The fire was the slowest burning I’ve ever seen,
this train wreck of us.



  1. Naughty Heather · March 4, 2007

    Wonderful. Universal. I have been there – I’m not the only one…we know what you’re talking about! Very nice work!

  2. zaphodfreek · March 4, 2007


  3. tomachfive · March 5, 2007

    Wow, you know how to strike a chord, like Bach in a Gothic cathedral.

  4. zaphodfreek · March 5, 2007

    A great compliment indeed.
    Thank you Tom.

  5. krkbaker · March 16, 2007

    I like the grinding metal, the picture you paint of the train wreck. Great job B. Hope things slow down for you soon.

  6. afternoonbeauty · March 28, 2007

    oh, ouch. Yes. A little close.

  7. zaphodfreek · March 28, 2007


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