Fluids help the ill, or so I’m told.
They make you feel
better than bad.
Apple juice diluted with lots of water.
Lots of fluids.

But that fluid didn’t
heal my woes,
that fluid you gave me to gulp and guzzle,
I choked down.
It just made my mouth taste
all hazy and wrong.



  1. krkbaker · March 2, 2007

    Ben-you’re good. I love the last line about the taste in your mouth. A great way to say what you’re saying, if you know what I’m saying. Fantastic.

  2. zaphodfreek · March 2, 2007

    Thanks very much.
    Sorry fot the rather slow response,
    right in the middle of my mock leaving certificate exams right now.
    Going pretty well so far but wish me luck
    and singing competitions tomorrow too.
    Gosh, I’m busy.

    Well done about the publishing thing.
    Good for you.

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