Procrastination and guilt.

Alright so,
as opposed to “leaving y’all hangin”
as those crazy kids from ‘da hood’
would say,
(I know. I know. Generalisation. Fact – Not all hoodlums are kids)
I’m just letting you know that the reason for my lack of and henceforth perhaps
of poems and participation
all has to do with my sitting the Irish Leaving Cert (or as some ‘cool people’ call it: The Big Summer Quiz).

See when I’m doing ANYTHING other than studying
I feel guilty and bored,
and this is the way it shall continue for no doubt the next LONG WHILE
Don’t be suprised.
But I’m a sucker and a procrastinater so I will be online to read others’ posts and to put up the occasional,
what can i say, I need the love.

Right right.
Toodle-pip then.



  1. krkbaker · February 21, 2007

    No problem. Did you ever enter that poetry contest?

  2. zaphodfreek · February 21, 2007

    Well the closing date is the 29th of march
    and I have yet to choose what i will enter,
    if you have any idea on what i might choose let me know,
    but i’ve nearly finished 2 poems that i hope to enter.
    One’s a paradelle about my dad teaching me to brush my teeth
    and the others a Villanelle written while i was watching that film
    with sylvester stalone in it where he’s a rock climber/mountain rescuer.
    I’ll put them up here when i finish.

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