When words have no effect.

This is a view of you in your dark green glasses
from the little photographic plate
inside my head.
Your tight freckles
humming along,
and your short hair
that I stupidly felt the need to explain.

You’re a painter and a poet
and better than me
and I don’t blame you.
I deserve this empty house
I’m sure.

But the more I look at this little globe
and the long, dark, slick expanse
of the wet courtyard in front of me
the more I feel my distance from you.
I’ve never missed someone’s hands more.

If it weren’t raining so hard
in the small green overgrown garden out my window
I’d go outside
and hang my heart out on a rose bush to dry,
because if you looked you’d see
that it’s raining pretty heavily
in here too.



  1. Sarah · February 13, 2007

    we should talk okay.. about this
    give me a ring or leave an email and i’ll respond
    and then we can finalise all this shit ..

  2. zaphodfreek · February 15, 2007

    It’s okay.
    This is sort of a finalization.

    You don’t want to talk to me anyway,

  3. krkbaker · February 15, 2007

    “Hmmmm, what is going on here?”
    the cat asked curiously. 🙂 This poem is good B. Love the last stanza.

  4. Paddy · February 15, 2007

    So Ben – about that shortlist?

  5. Naughty Heather · February 17, 2007

    Unbearably sad. And well written too. An irresistible combination. Nicely done – and I am sorry for whatever is going on…


  6. zaphodfreek · February 17, 2007

    It’s okay.
    Sometimes things fix themselves.

    Glad you liked it.

  7. spasmicallyperfect · March 2, 2007

    As sad as it is, it is beautiful. Love the hang the heart out to dry line…… sending sunshine your way….. assume it’s missing….. if I am wrong, well, you never can have enough sunshine…..
    Troublesome that pain can write as beautifully as joy, at times some would say even more beautiful…….

  8. zaphodfreek · March 2, 2007

    Thanks for the sunshine.
    I’ll try and keep it for a rainy day
    but most likely i’ll just blow it all at once.
    Some things are nice like that.

  9. redeyes · March 1, 2008

    Ive never missed someone as much as when you held me in your arms.
    Its lingering in the tshirt you left in my bedroom
    That soft thick smell of night time comfort
    Drenched in sweat and essence of a time past. Not forgotten but over.
    We left a trail of blood tears and laughter where we went but diversion was always an inevitability. Release was always a certainty but heartbreak will be inescapable. I’m covering this essence of you in my sadness. I’m destroying what little I have left of what we were. And I’m scared because I don’t want to have to face it all with out you…

    working on that

  10. zaphodfreek · March 2, 2008

    Well it’s pretty darn good.
    Like the line
    ‘That soft thick smell of night time comfort’.
    I relate.

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