Tá gach rud níos ceart.

Tá mo chroí seasc
gan deoir.
Níl caointeoir orm.
Níor fhoghlaim,
ach níl fhaghaim aon run i mo dhíaidh.


5 thoughts on “Tá gach rud níos ceart.

  1. It’s irish.
    It means roughly:

    “My heart is dry
    without tears.
    I am no cryer.
    I haven’t learned
    but I don’t know anything else.”

    Also, it’s in pretty crummy Irish.
    I associate Irish with ugliness.
    I don’t know why.

  2. Well perhaps some time I’ll treat you to it.
    I can’t promise you’ll like it.
    But we did a really good Irish poem today
    about dying in a storm with ‘screams of screams’.
    And he describes the storm as a madman.
    It was pretty nice.
    It’s called “Oiche Nollaig na mBan” – Women’s Christmas.

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