Okay, I need a little help.

I want to put in an entry to the poetry prize in my college.
The rules seem to be as follows:


All entries are to be handed in to your English teacher, or Mr Girdham,
or e-mailed to scc.english@yahoo.ie, by the evening of Thursday 29th March.

Between two and five linked poems based on or inspired by the idea of either :-


Poems should be at least ten lines long, and preferably typed. Winning entries and other strong entries will be posted on http://www.sccenglish.blogspot.com. The English Department will also give smaller booktokens to strong entries that do not win the Prize.

A few Ideas / Suggestions / Guidelines

You can treat the ideas, ‘Voices’, or ‘Pictures’ in a free way : any connection is fine, as long as the poems are connected by image, inspiration, form, situation, context. For instance :

Voices –

poems spoken by different people
the same situation ‘voiced’ by more than one person
dialogue poems
‘voices’ which speak to you
etc etc

Pictures –

photographs as memories
poems inspired by particular paintings / photographs
etc etc

The Peter Dix Memorial Prize for Poetry was presented by the Dix family in memory of Peter, who died in the Lockerbie tragedy in 1988. The Memorial, by sculptor Joe Sloan, is kept in the Library and engraved with the names of past winners.

Anybody want to give me a little advice?
Think there are poems up here I should enter?
Anything would be gratefully accepted.
Wish me luck!



  1. raeofsunshine · January 23, 2007

    K, so, here’s my thought. in theory, i assume that you get up each morning from the same bed and you walk the same path to your closet, to the shower, to the breakfast table, and off to school. I also imagine that you spend some time in that routine sitting in front of the mirror, looking at yourself. And while you’re looking at yourself you are either talking yourself up for the day, or looking at yourself saying “god, my life sucks.” We all do it, and it varies day by day whether we’re positive or negative. Now, take that mirror-moment and consider that your reflection is talking back to you. what does it say?

    we’re talking the pictures and the voices here. the picture of you, groggy, waking up, contemplating life, and your reflection speaking to you, confirming or disproving your most inner thoughts.

    eh? eh?
    if you don’t do it, I might try…heck, i still might try. another day.

  2. zaphodfreek · January 23, 2007

    I hadn’t thought of it, I must say.
    I’ll give it a go.
    I can’t say whether it’ll be any good though.

    I find it hard to force myself to write.
    If i don’t it just comes.

  3. raeofsunshine · January 26, 2007

    yeah, in concept it seems cool. If it were done right it’d also be cool, but it’s hard to have the concept before the poem. I’m still gonna see if I can do it.

  4. raeofsunshine · January 30, 2007

    I attempted it. go take a look, eh?
    I find it rather amusing, I hope you do too.

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